SVG Galaxy Review 89% DISCOUNT

What is SVG Galaxy?

Well, it is not the whole galaxy, but yes, if your client want, I will convert everything in the galaxy into SVGs for their video clips. I meant, everything, except the blackholes.
Ok, in short, SVG Galaxy package contains 15 modules of whiteboard SVG images that’re ready to be used to make stunning video clips. From businessman, casual man, weight loss story to scenes, health, educations, foods… I have been working hard for months to select the best subjects as well as craft the best SVGs possible. If your clients are creating video clips for their businesses, SVG Galaxy is a must-have in their t video clip asset collection.
Although SVG Galaxy is made to work best with whiteboard video softwares like Easy Sketch Pro, Videomakerfx, Explaindio, Videoscribe and TTS Sketch Maker, I also made a high-res PNG version of all SVGs so that your client can use it with Powerpoint, Keynote, After Effect or any video clip and graphic processor. Flexibility is the one of it is key features.

What Makes It Different From Other Whiteboard Graphic Products?

1. Perfection
SVG Galaxy SVGs animate perfectly in all whiteboard video softwares program. It is the most important thing for whiteboard SVGs. No matter how beautiful an image is, it’s useless if it can not animate like human-draw. Let’s see and compare:SVG Galaxy review
I am an experienced whiteboard video producer that uses most of whiteboard video softwares program. I know, & I mean I know how each of them renders SVGs. That is why I am fully confident that I can make SVGs that work PERFECTLY. Each & avery SVGs in my product was tested with all these softwares program.

2. Beauty
All the characters, scenes & objects were drawn in a beautiful consistent style that has excited all of my previous video clients. I bet your client will love it, more than any other product.